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Robin Hood Short Sword

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This richly ornate sword dates back to a time where Sir Robin rode his gallant stead through villages offering hope for the poor. The 20" blade is constructed from stainless steel with a mirror finish. The cast metal guard and pommel coordinate with the eye catching detail surrounding the grip. Includes matching sheath. 28" overall.


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     Reviewed by Karl Martin on Apr 18, 2015

Decent sword. I'll start out by saying, THIS IS A DISPLAY SWORD!!! Don't try any stunts with it! The blade is stainless steel, not meant for fighting. Anyway, it looks great, is well balanced, and the sheath is amazing. My brother used this in a home movie. He actually stabbed me in the back with it once during a fight scene, and it left a nasty hole in me! The tip is the only sharp part of it, but it is SHARP! After that, he used a file to dull the tip a bit. Regardless, I still love this sword, because it looks and feels so good. However, once again, it is not very strong, you can tell just by feeling it. It is still a great display or cosplay sword, certain to turn some heads. I would also recommend, if you use this for medieval movie filming, get the matching Robin Hood dagger, also sold on this site. It will make it look more authentic.

     Reviewed by Harry Goens on May 09, 2013

This was a great addition to my collection. I had 4 people wanting to relieve me of this sword, one of which, my daughter. This sword arrived in perfect shape. I totally plan on buying a few of them as gifts.

     Reviewed by Michael Ancona on Aug 24, 2012

Great buy, cheap, and quick. The sword is a little bigger than i imagined, though the blade itself is skinnier as well. There are some dark lines on the blade that i cant seem to clean off, the might have came from poor treatment in shipping, there was some plastic wrap jammed up into the hilt, which was annoying, but all in all, a great addition to my collection, and my wallet is still fat.

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