Samurai Practice Bokken Sword Set - Black
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    You get a set of 2 Black Bokken swords!

    These 40" daitos / bokkens are ideal practice swords to safely practice your sword skills while protecting your self and partners. Constructed from hardwood and includes removable two piece handguard.

    A Bokken (木剣, bok(u), "wood", and ken, "sword") is a wooden Japanese sword (or sabre), usually the size and shape of a katana (though wakizashi and tanto-sized are available). They are also known as bokutō (木刀, "wooden sword").

    Bokken is a training sword, used as a relatively safe and inexpensive substitute for a real blade in several martial arts. They are used in the early stages of iaido when a practitioner has not yet reached the level where use of a iaito would be safe. The exception would be when a certain kata involving two people is performed. Then the veteran iaidoka will use a bokken for safety reasons. There are also specially designed bokken made for sword drawing only. These are, for the most part, supplied with a plastic or wooden saya and are generally slimmer than a normal bokken and not suited for regular sword techniques.

    As seen in the popular film "The Last Samurai"!

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    Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.47 out of 5

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    It depends! Reviewed by on May 03, 2016   3 out of 5

    I've been a customer for years, and these bokken really depend on the style of wood. I've noticed a lighter colored hardwood is more durable, while the red hardwood is easily broken and cracks. Should I call with my concerns? I've done it before and they've sent me new ones. I like this company and their products alot. (Combat was not reckless)
    Response: We would first like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You can most definitely call in and we will get the item replaced for you! Please call 800-735-3326 so we can get that taken care of for you. Once again we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Reviewed by Tarin Bosh on Jul 12, 2014   5 out of 5

    These Bokkens are not the first I've bought from this site, and let me say that I am totally satisfied.

    The swords themselves are heavy redwood painted black, they are durable and you can spar with them for hours without damaging the wood. They have nice weight to them, although not as heavy as steel, but certainly a good weight to train at.

    The hand guards are durable elastic plastic which allows some give in a sword fight. They slip a little bit, as they are held down by a rubber piece that tends to move. that problem is easily solved by some apoxy or even duct tape.

    For the price it is awesome, shipping is a little much, but they always come on time. I find that I can usually expect a lot from True Swords, and they came through on this one as they always do.

    5/5, always a pleasure to shop with True Swords.

    Reviewed by Han Ryoo on Sep 11, 2010   4 out of 5

    broke one of them on the first day but contacted trueswords and and they sending me a new one great customer service!

    Reviewed by sebastian sabillon on Apr 08, 2010   5 out of 5

    omg awesome swords are on a scale from 1-5 this is a 10 this was my first item from true swords along with caltrops it also came with a poster and a coupon for my next purchase. thanks true swords ill defineatly be back for more, these are great for display or practice.

    Reviewed by daniel cantrell on Sep 09, 2009   3 out of 5

    these are nice if you intend to just display them or to use them lightly if you are looking for a good solid pair of bokkens to spar heavy with i dont recomend these..had one break after just a few hard strikes from my sparing partner..but cant complain much the price they ask for these is very sensible and it helps to tape them all the way up with some good eletrical tape will help them from breaking so easy

    Reviewed by Elizabeth Fort on May 26, 2009   4 out of 5

    this is really cool but it can break if you swing it too hard

    Reviewed by Mason Bramblett on Jun 04, 2008   5 out of 5

    ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, you have to put the finger guard thing on yourself, and mine came in black not gold, but i don't care. anyway getting them on is kinda meh. you gotta put the finger guard on, and slide it down all the way to the hilt, then u put the rubber thing on SECCOND, which isn't too hard, u gotta wiggle it gown the "blade" . i did it wrong on the first one... very annoying.
    The set looks really cool coming out of the shrink wrap, all shiny.............

    Reviewed by Julian Perez on Apr 26, 2008   4 out of 5

    these things are fun, they are the first swords I've bought that aren't actual real ones. I bought them for my friends birthday and we used them just about every day. After about a week one of them cracked from the tip straight through to the middle and a big crack, the two tips of the sword are now about half an inch apart, he might be able to fix it with gorilla glue or duct tape though. I say buy it, but don't expect going all out without chipping and cracking.

    Reviewed by Chase Cambio on Apr 23, 2008   5 out of 5

    Great swords! came the day they were supposed to.Just beautiful sword i love em!

    Reviewed by Greg David on Jan 14, 2008   5 out of 5

    They are great and I recomend them to all who like a good spar or just practice.My only complaints are that its so hard to get the hand gaurd on and the swords had slightly different weight and durability..but that isnt too much of a problem.

    1 - 10 of 15 Products