Self Defense Tactical Undercover Karambit - Black
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    The Karambit is constructed from one solid piece of 420 stainless steel and offers generous size finger holes for an excellent grip whether the blade is held down from the fist or extending from the top of the hand. The 3 5/16" blade is doubled edged and razor sharp. Includes ABS hard plastic impact resistant sheath. 6 1/2" overall.

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    Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.64 out of 5

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    Reviewed by connor puetzer on Sep 14, 2013   4 out of 5

    Very nice karambit. The sides aren't sharp, but they don't need to be. point is razor sharp, though. the only problems that I had with the knife was the large grip. My hand does not fit comfortably in the second hole. This isn't a major problem, I just don't use the second hole. The sheath is mostly nice, but takes some getting used to. Once the bolts are lock-tight and you find a thin enough belt to fit through the sheath (I used my boy scout belt), it works very well. Every once in a while, the knife has trouble getting completely into the sheath, but it's just a minor nuisance on occasion. Very good knife for the price!

    Reviewed by Ray Griffith on Aug 27, 2013   5 out of 5

    Great blade. One solid piece of steel and the tip is very sharp, the actual edge isn't as sharp. Great defensive blade. Not the type of knife for field work or bushcraft or survival, it's purely for fighting. Practice working on basic boxing punches with this in your fist and you'll have an idea of how to best employ this blade. United Cutlery is also a great company with excellent customer service. They sent me a replacement sheath after I broke this one. Great company and great blade.

    Reviewed by shane waters on Aug 25, 2012   4 out of 5

    This was an overall good product. The knife itself was really pointy, not sharp, but karambits don't need to be. I have smaller hands, and this product was made for people with big hands. But its not that big of a deal, I just cant put my pinky in the second finger hole comfortably. The sheath was a little disappointing. Its a little hard to get it in there all the way sometimes, and the belt lop is a little small, but it works. A very good buy, though.

    Reviewed by Caleb Nixon on Aug 11, 2012   5 out of 5

    This weapon is quite intimidating. If you had this in a street fight you would probaly win. The only thing is that it is not sharp but it is not made to be because blunt force would do the job. So overall, a great weapon

    Reviewed by Christian Pelayo on Jun 13, 2012   5 out of 5

    If you are a fan on combat knifes then you will love this knife like i did. Great for tricks and many possibilities with this knife. Excellent truly a wonderful product.

    Reviewed by Eric Weston on Mar 04, 2011   5 out of 5

    Again and Again i'm impressed with True Swords prices. This is a worthy blade for any collection. A little dull, but some sharpening skills can overcome this. This is a good knife for protection... who wouldn't be scared of a person with a blade that turns them into one of the raptors from Jurassic Park

    Reviewed by Derek Bessard on Apr 10, 2010   5 out of 5

    what you have to understand about a karambit in terms of self defense use is the tip of the blade is the power. it is a slashing weapon and i can say this knife is a good choice. The tip is needle sharp the way you want it.

    Reviewed by Aaron Hageman on Mar 09, 2010   5 out of 5

    its not that sharp on the sides but is it is on the tip. the grip is big... but i have big hands so its great! but if you have small hands not so much. that's what i have to say _3

    Reviewed by Donavan Cook on Dec 30, 2009   5 out of 5

    this is my third buy from ts and i say this is now my favorite knife. under side is semi sharp and the back side is dull but the point is very sharp me and my brother have already almost cut ourselves with it. the only bad thing about it was it took a week to get here probly because i live far from the manufacturer. but all in all a verry good buy. also i am a big guy and the finger holes fit so good for anyone

    Reviewed by Brett Adams on Dec 29, 2009   3 out of 5

    I am somewhat disappointed by this product. Neither edge is sharp at all. I can press the edges into my bare skin and run the blade over my skin without any pain and no chance of the skin breaking. The grip of the knife feels big in my hand. I am by no means small (6'4") and neither are my hands, but I feel as if my hands would need to be bigger for a more secure grip. The sheath takes some getting used to. It will not have the quickest draw, but quicker than a manual flip open I suppose. One great thing about the knife is that the point is literally needle point sharp. Touch this part with much pressure, and you will come away with blood drawn. Cool looking and I guess the edges can be sharpened to something more dangerous... The grip is the only thing that cannot be fixed on this knife.

    1 - 10 of 11 Products