Spring Assist - 'Legal Auto Knife' - Samurai Folder w/ Kanji
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    Fast action spring assist knives give you a tactical advantage when every second counts. Quick, one handed opening with inner spring assist.

    Product Specifications:

    • Unique handle which mimics the design of a samurai katana sword.
    • "Honor And Courage" kanji is etched onto the blade.
    • Window breaking spike on end of handle.
    • Sharpened stainless steel blade with black finish.
    • In-line open lock.
    • Includes pocket / boot clip.
    • 4 in. blade, 5 in. closed.
    How are Spring Assist different from a Gravity Knife or Automatic Switchblade Knife?

    Gravity or Switch Blade knives feature a button, level, or other type of switch that releases a spring pressure to automatically open the blade. On a Spring Assist knife, there is no separate button or switch. Instead, you apply pressure to part of the blade to begin the opening process. This is usually a small bump of metal which sticks out under the knife, making it fast and comfortable to use. Once you press on that part of the blade, it automatically opens and locks into place. Since the action of opening the knife is started by pressing the blade metal, instead of a button or switch, it is considered to bypass the laws which ban Switch Blade knives.

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    Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.00 out of 5

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    Nice knife Reviewed by Joseph Walker on Feb 24, 2016   5 out of 5

    I received my knife today along with another set I ordered and I could not be happier with the purchase. The knife is sturdy and has some weight to it but not too much. Could be a little sharper but hey for 10 bucks I can put a better edge on it. This was my second time ordering from True Swords and I am still very pleased.

    either the clip's in the wrong spot or it's a lefy or something Reviewed by on Feb 02, 2016   5 out of 5

    surprised no one has mentioned it. look at the image, visualize it in your pocket and trying to speed-draw it. clip is in an awkward position, even effecting the grip. pretty sure i'm going to wind up removing it entirely. that being said, this is a very hefty little knife, gives a satisfyingly meaty switchbladey click when it snaps open. feels overbuilt, frankly, for a ten dollar knife. probably discounted because of the deeply stupid unspeedy clip placement. spike on the base is no joke either, on such a heavy hunk of metal.

    A good knife Reviewed by Jacob Willis on Jan 28, 2016   5 out of 5

    For how inexpensive this knife is, it sure is good. It's nothing super special, but the knife is fairly sharp, has a good shape and weight, and folds out nicely. When I first got it, the locking mechanism didn't want to work, but after a little while of playing with it, it began to work perfectly. I've had the knife for a month now and it still works and looks great.

    Aesthetically plaesing, but not great. Reviewed by on Sep 06, 2015   1 out of 5

    I've had this knife for a year and it's fallen apart at least three times. I've put it back together twice, which isn't easy, but no more. I'm not impressed with this knifes usability anymore. It is a good looking blade and I have enjoyed the feel in my hand somewhat, but having the knife "hyper extend" is making it useless, and honestly, unsafe.

    Reviewed by Jc on Apr 25, 2015   4 out of 5

    Again, True swords never disappoints, only 4-stars because of slow shipping. Nonetheless, the item was accurate as told, sharp and durable enough to cut thick ropes and boxes.

    Reviewed by Adam Drennan on Apr 08, 2015   5 out of 5

    Love this blade came sharp no issues for me. Definitely recommend it!

    Reviewed by Jacob Iler on Aug 10, 2014   5 out of 5

    If it wasn't for me trying to give a honest review, I would say "A MUST! Totaly AWESOME BLADE! LOVE YOU GUYS AT Truesword!!!". However, I need to be honest and give it a PROPER review.

    Since this blade is made for both aesthetic and utility (or work-based) use, I am grading it based on that alone.

    Aesthetic: The blade is very appealing even folded. Though the handle is slick enough for those wanting to perform knife-tricks, the criss-cross wrap design, plus the detail design on the handle mimics SLIGHTLY similar to the ray-skin used to wrap the handles of katanas. Upon opening, the Kanji "Honor and Courage" reads very well and clear. The nice & gentle curvature at the tip makes it feel as if you are carrying a miniature, pocket-folding katana (i know thats a paradox, because im calling it a miniature pocket-folding "japanese longsword"). The point to this blade (pun partially intended) is that this blade is a great show-off piece.

    Utility: A solid blade. While wielding it feels strong and able to endure any task you would give a normal folding knife. The spring-assist is smooth, you hardly feel anything except for the blade hitting the small bar inside to halt movement and plate-lock forcing itself to place. I don't know if it is just that well made or if it is moving too fast to feel the rest, but it is so smooth that it can be opened as fast and smooth as a real katana being drawn from a sheath. In terms of use, it is solid and can handle standard tasks. I saw in a review that a customer had his blade break cutting TAPE...to test this, I had cut many kinds of tape; crafting, packing, painting, duct, the only tape I haven't tested is measuring tape since it is metal. The blade is durable enough to withstand tape, I believe this defect was just a worse-case scenario defect that happens only once in the blades production life. The glass spike at the tip is very sharp, I'd say it can break glass when needing to rescue someone from a vehicle and more. If in a combative setting and even if the blade breaks, the spike is firm and makes a great bludgering-pierce tip that I'm sure will do some serious damage to the head and certain torso/back areas.

    I give this blade a full 5-star mark, this blade is sound in strength for its purpose and is aesthetically pleasing for anyone who respects the Samurai and ideals of Bushido.

    Reviewed by Benjamin Monath on May 26, 2013   1 out of 5

    The knife broke within 3 days of using it to cut tape off of boxes at work. I wasn't even the receiver at our facility so I might have opened 4 boxes a day with it at most and the blade fell went backwards and now swings instead of being held in place. Find a better knife.

    Reviewed by Daniel Ashe on Apr 10, 2013   4 out of 5

    I bought this knife for my wife to carry in her purse. We were both surprised at how quick the order arrived, and in the quality of the knife. The all metal handle fits snugly in both her's and my hands, the clip does not feel uncomfortable and the opening action is incredibly smooth. The edge is nice, but I will post later on how it holds up.

    Reviewed by paul willis on Nov 02, 2012   5 out of 5

    This knife is totally cool. Everyone at work is impressed by the katana like handle and the fast action of the spring assist. And the value too its only 12 bux how sweet is that! This is my new permanent pocket knife so cool!

    1 - 10 of 10 Products