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Stun Gun Armed Walking Cane w/ Flashlight

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One million volt stun gun, supportive walking cane and flash light combo.

Steady yourself, light your way and be ready to protect yourself if needed! This Stun Cane features an adjustable height walking cane, an ultra-bright LED flashlight and a stun gun with an unheard of 1-million volt charge that will knock down any attacker or aggressive animal. Hidden in plain sight, they'll think it is just a cane until it is too late! It is even rechargeable and includes a wall charger and carrying case.

Key Features:
  • Easy access trigger located on the handle.
  • Includes safety/arming switch.
  • Adjustable length: 32 in. to 36 in.
  • Weight support capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight built into the handle.
  • Never buy or change batteries.
  • Built in Ni-MH battery is recharged using the included wall charger.
  • Includes discrete carrying case with shoulder strap.
  • Unique self defense solution.

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     Reviewed by Matthew Locher on Sep 10, 2011

Amazing cane.

However, there as some misleading things about it.

The thing on the back is not the stun gun button, as I believed, it is just a nub.

The flashlight is not press and hold to turn on, it is controlled by the arming switch. The light is extremely bright and white, not yellow.

There is an almost impossible to see sliding switch on the front of the cane, about an inch down away from where your index finger would rest, this is the arming and flash light switch.

This switch has three modes:
1. Off.
2. Flashlight on.
3. Armed.

In armed mode the button you see is pressed and held to deliver the shock.

The cane is very adjustable, and very sturdy. However with the label which brightly says "ZAP CANE," and the rather bulky stun gun portion, I fear it may cause some trouble in public or public transportation.

I am only docking 1 point because it looks, feels, and works great, but the description clearly states: "Hidden in plain sight, they'll think it is just a cane until it is too late!" and this is simply not true.

All in all, a great buy, and I will be back.

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