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2 Sword Wall Mounted Display w/ Bushido Kanji

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Samurai sword stands are the ultimate display. Each upright, wall mounted stand is constructed of hardwood and can hold two swords, or sword and sheath/saya separately.

The stand features "Bushido" written in Japanese with golden letters, meaning "The Way of the Warrior".


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     Reviewed by Thomas Bussard on Dec 13, 2013

the construction is slightly weak <br />only 1 nail tab on the back for mounting it<br />made of cheap wood that splits when you put the screws that comes with it, in it.<br />has a section of very rough wood where you put your katana, and it will scratch the saya some.<br />had some dust on it when it came in so had to clean it but no big deal<br /><br />good quality paint gonna probably make my own copy of it out of hardwood using it as a template and go on from there

     Reviewed by Jacob Perkins on Dec 04, 2013

this wall display is really great for the price.<br />no complaints here.

     Reviewed by Josh Rizzo on Sep 11, 2013

I good stand for the price, very easy to put together. 8 screws in pre-drilled holes, though a slight splitting of the wood happened when screwed together but only on the bottom bar & at the bottom of it so you can't see it.<br /><br />Very sturdy stand, can hold 2 blades without mounting it.

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