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2 Sword Wall Mounted Display w/ Bushido Kanji

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Samurai sword stands are the ultimate display. Each upright, wall mounted stand is constructed of hardwood and can hold two swords, or sword and sheath/saya separately.

The stand features "Bushido" written in Japanese with golden letters, meaning "The Way of the Warrior".


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Musashi Shinto Katana Stand

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Let your sword take rest with the aid of this unique display stand. It's the prefect companion for your centerpiece katana.
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     Reviewed by Thomas Bussard on Dec 13, 2013

the construction is slightly weak
only 1 nail tab on the back for mounting it
made of cheap wood that splits when you put the screws that comes with it, in it.
has a section of very rough wood where you put your katana, and it will scratch the saya some.
had some dust on it when it came in so had to clean it but no big deal

good quality paint gonna probably make my own copy of it out of hardwood using it as a template and go on from there

     Reviewed by Jacob Perkins on Dec 04, 2013

this wall display is really great for the price.
no complaints here.

     Reviewed by Josh Rizzo on Sep 11, 2013

I good stand for the price, very easy to put together. 8 screws in pre-drilled holes, though a slight splitting of the wood happened when screwed together but only on the bottom bar & at the bottom of it so you can't see it.

Very sturdy stand, can hold 2 blades without mounting it.

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