Ultraviolet Sword - Full Tang, TRIPLE Edged, Engraved
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  • Replica of Ultraviolet's sword
  • 29 1/2" high carbon steel blade with mirror polish finish
  • Features engraved inscription on blade
  • Black leather wrapped hardwood handle
  • Hardwood black finished scabbard with logo
  • Dual tabletop and wall sword display stand with red velvet padding
  • 41 1/4" overall length

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Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.55 out of 5

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Amazing replica! Reviewed by Asadullah Khan on Jun 19, 2017   5 out of 5

The sword is an amazingly detailed replica. The engraving on the blade is very well done. The sword is heavier than what I anticipated but I'm glad it is. When it first arrived via FedEx (A day early) I pulled it out of the box and found that the wooden "pommel" was broken. I immediately called true swords/budk and told them what was wrong and was able to get it exchanged out for a new one. They have great customer service which is one of the reasons I'll be buying from them again.

Reviewed by Robert Wieland on Feb 16, 2015   5 out of 5

Translating the inscription would be very difficult. The language is called "Thahindi" and was created by the writer/director of the movie, Kurt Wimmer. Supposedly, Mila Jovovich learned the language as she speaks it, or, at least a few phrases of it during the movie. Contacting Mr. Wimmer and asking for a translation, or, an alphabet, vocabulary and grammar would be the only way to find out what the inscription means.

Reviewed by Robert Johnson on Feb 25, 2014   5 out of 5

The engraving is really cool, but it is heavy. It feels like it can be use more like a executioners sword rather to use in a battle field. I kind of wish it was more the size of the one in the movie. But this piece is a looker and well do well in my man cave.

Reviewed by Torrence Johnson on Jan 16, 2014   5 out of 5

This is a very nice sword sturdy and strong. The engravings were done perfectly its a product of good craftsmanship.

Reviewed by matt ruger on Feb 20, 2013   5 out of 5

Just received this via FedEx. Arrived in great time even though I ordered it on a Friday evening. My first order from True Swords and not my last. Very well packaged. Much more impressive looking than the photos naturally. the leather wrapping while nice is going to be covered with grip tape both to preserve it and to make it easier to wield. Heavy sword but that's fine also. I want something like this with heavy construction able to stand use. The angled tip is a bonus also. While unique looking with a squared tip I was hesitant on this sword because of it. The angle makes piercing more tactical. The inscription on the scabbard matches those on the sword which is cool. My challenge to True Swords is to provide a translation for the inscription lol. I'm searching for them. Reasonably sharp when arrived but as with most swords, It will be sharpened more. I wouldn't want to be on the point end though as it will pierce. I may buy another of these and HIGHLY recommend this to others.

Reviewed by Layne Trinchillo on Aug 29, 2012   4 out of 5

This is my first order from TrueSwords and I'm looking forward to my next one!

Anyway, I like it a lot, the engravings on the sword look great and it's fairly functional too. It looks great too.
There are a few downs about the sword though, the biggest is that everytime its unsheathed, there's a greasy olily substance on the sword so I have to rub it out everytime to do so. Another thing is that the pleather on the handle unravelles after you take it out a few times. Hopefully, if it's wrapped it black duck tape it will work out.

Overall, it's worth it but be aware of these things. :)

Reviewed by Clint McCarter on Apr 25, 2012   3 out of 5

This is a great sword. It is heavy near the tip which i like with this sword. and even thow i knew the measurements before i ordered it when i opened it its seemed bigger another good surprise. The stand is great. The cons are simple. one the spacer is lose and its inside is cut a little wide. Two the handle is hardwood which is great but the paint finish does not go all the way up the handle. Three the fake leather wrap is not secured at both ends ( a few good swings and the wrap started to unravel not cool). Four and this is what really gets my goat the Engraving is good but the darkening agent that was used has worn off in a few areas. But the blade is great cut throw a sweet-gum tree that was about 2 inches thick like butter. Five the scabbard is hard wood but inside is coverd in a waxy goo that is what i think pulled the die out of the engraving so I have decided to put my sword on the display that came with it and lay the scabbard in front of it as display. With a little work on the handles warping it will not only look good but be ready for the vampire, zombie apocalypse.

Reviewed by Jacob Burgy on Feb 08, 2012   5 out of 5

This sword was beautifully made and engraved. It's sturdy, strong, and awesome. It even came with its own stand! Note that the sword does not come sharpened, but can be easily sharpened once you have it.

Reviewed by Sakurako Mcginty on Jan 11, 2012   5 out of 5

I got this sword as a graduation gift in 09 and i have to say this thing is very very verrryyyy heavy. no way she used this thing with one hand. No freaking way! I had to practice for about 4 months before i could hold it one handed without it hurting or causing me to use a lot of energy. The sword comes with a display and a wood sheath. The sheath broke after about 3 months of practice. I would say this sword is meant for display only lol. It's really hard to fight with but i am glad i gave it a try to tell those of u who would like to practice with it. over all it is a really awesome sword ^^

Reviewed by William Chase on Dec 31, 2011   4 out of 5

First off, as several people before have stated, this thing is a lot heavier that expected (no way Milla Jovovich is using this thing one handed). Over all is a beautiful sword and a nice buy for anyone that was a fan of the movie (I’m sure there’s a couple of them out there).
My biggest issue other than the weight is the sheath. It is basically just a shaped, hollow piece of wood that’s smoothly painted on the outside in black with the same symbols that are on the blade painted in silver. The real issue is the inside of it, with is just bare "wood", and with some kind of gooey, greasy stuff inside (not protected grease/oil for the blade). Every time I sheath the blade and then draw it, the blade is smudged with some kind of gray goo that needs to be wiped off or else it gets dry and crusty and it has a tendancy to get into the ingraved symbols on the blade. Over all though, its a beautiful display piece and comes with a simple, but very nice stand that can sit on a flat surface or be hung on a wall.

Also just so everyone is aware, the blade is not sharp, but then again I never expected it to be.

1 - 10 of 40 Products