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Weapon of the Ninja Assassin w/ Steel Ball & Chain

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A brutal weapon forged with ninja assassins in mind, our blade with ball and chain is a hybrid design. Part chain-sickle weapon, part kyoketsu shoge (dagger with chain, hook and ring), and part modern fighting knife. The result is a close quarters weapon which offers the wielder multiple attack methods. A truly unique addition to your weapon collection.

The stainless steel guard deflects blows while allowing for an extra firm grip of the black, cord wrapped handle. Stretching 11 1/2 in. overall, not including ball and chain, this dagger features a 440 stainless steel saber style blade with hook at base.

The stainless ball and chain allow for crushing blows, at ranges both near and far, as well as the ability to entrap enemy weapons or hands.

A black nylon sheath with belt loop is included for carry while on the move, and the chain assembly may be easily detached and reattached using metal rings.


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     Reviewed by Timothy Hughes on Jun 03, 2014

The real products are the ball and the blade. The chain is total crap. The blade is a very nice blade though the nylon wrap is a little slick but nothing parachord can't fix. The rings are a disgrace but who doesn't have some key rings laying around? The ball (when attached to a real chain) can do some real damage If used correctly. In my years as a student of ninjutsu I have yet to find a chain weapon quite this nice. Though it certainly can be improved apon construction wise, it's still a very capable weapon in the proper hands.

     Reviewed by Nik Anderson on May 04, 2014

Awesome weapon, but like everyone else on here the chain is a bit of a disappointment. You'll literally get what you pay for with this weapon

     Reviewed by Toriano Torrence on Sep 28, 2013

My third purchase from True Swords and once again they come through with a great item. They never cease to amaze me. Other than the chain being really thin and a lot shorter everything else was phenomenal. The blade is constructed great and it did come pretty sharp(at a good angle it can slice through paper and cardboard like a super sharp razor blade.) All in all great item and I will be purchasing more from them.

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