Throwing Knives & Target Board Combo - 12pc Dragon Throwers



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  • 12 total throwing knives
  • One piece stainless steel construction
  • Includes custom dragon throwing target
  • Knife throwing games guide included
  • Includes durable nylon sheath
  • 6" overall length

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Great set for both beginners and those looking to expand their throwing weapon collection.

This package deal includes 12 throwing knives plus target board. Each thrower is 6 1/4 in. overall and made of stainless steel with a black cord wrapped handle. Half of the knives are finished in black with red wrapping and kanji etching, while the other half have a black finish with silver dragon etching.

A nylon sheath is included for easy knife storage and transport. The enclosed 3 x 4 in. paper flyer lists several knife throwing games to keep you and your friends entertained and throwing for hours.

History of the Kunai knife:

A kunai is an ancient kind of trowel, originated during the Tensho Era in Japan. The kunai was normally wrought of iron, not steel, cheaply forged and unpolished. The size of most kunai ranged from 20 cm to 60 cm, with the average at 40 cm. The kunai was used by common folk as multi-purpose gardening tools and by workers of stone and masonry. The kunai is not a knife, but something more akin to a wrecking bar. The blade was soft iron and unsharpened because the edges were used to smash plaster and wood, to dig holes and to pry. Normally only the tip would have been sharpened. The uses to which a kunai was put would have destroyed any heat-treated and sharpened tool like a knife.

Kunai normally had a leaf-shaped blade and a handle with a ring on the pommel for attaching a rope. This would allow the kunai's handle to be wrapped to act as a grip, or when used as a weapon; to be strapped to a stick as an expedient spear, to be tied to the body for concealment, or to use as an anchor or piton.

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Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 3.33 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Sep 13, 2015
(2 out of 5)
Board is a shame

I threw just one knife and a huge part of the board popped out leaving just a ring hanging in the air. After fixing it several times with tape and cardboard and the hanger falling off, I figuered I should've just used the cardboard as a target instead. No problem out of the knives though


Dre Noel
Jul 09, 2014
(3 out of 5)

the knives are great just the target board is not that great but hey i can always make it work


Aaliyaha Hall
Feb 19, 2014
(4 out of 5)

These knives are great for throwing the nylon string comes off easily and the target board broke apart in 15 mins of using it. But I knew it would. These blades are amazing though. Dont hesitate to buy.


Chris Sehested
Aug 17, 2013
(2 out of 5)
Could be better

I bought this for fun for my fiancee and myself as it looked good to begin with. The knives are a little small but having no prior throwing experience of any sort, these seemed to be suitable for us. The board, though, unfortunately did not meet our standards. We love BudK products but we were very disappointed to find out the board is nothing more than a tightly wound decorated paper strip. This was discovered after only a few nights of casually throwing for practice. The board tends to shift out of form after a few throws and one may find themselves needing to readjust the board to make sure it doesn't fall apart. Sadly, while readjusting, it some of the paper slipped out of form completely and the board unraveled beyond repair. We took a photo in hopes we could upload a photo to show people what to be aware of, but sadly there's no option. We still plan on making future purchases with BudK but were very sad to see the cheap quality of one of it's products. This is just a fair warning to those who wish to potentially invest in this product, don't get your hopes up but so much. The board looks great but is not quite built for casual abuse if you will. The price is perfect and makes a fun gift if you don't plan on using the board but so many times; only lasted two nights of casual throwing with us and we were trying our best to research proper throwing techniques and etiquette in order to make the best out of our investment. At least the kunai were decent and sturdy, which is worth the price alone.


Aug 03, 2013
(4 out of 5)

They are fun to just play around with, the board lasted all of a day though. Very good for beginners like me, it took me a day of using them to learn how to throw them perfectly.


Ryan Brown
May 16, 2013
(3 out of 5)

Knives at OK but the target that comes with it sucks mine fell apart with in 20min of using it


Feb 02, 2013
(3 out of 5)
It beats videogames

The board may not last forever and knives are a little on the small side, But for the price it just can't be beat, It's also a good way to get the kids outside and show them some responsibility and off of those videogames.


Zhinzhaw Gourneau
Dec 25, 2012
(4 out of 5)

ALOT smaller then I expected. Mine had no edges and the points are very dull.Also I have a cork dart board and the board that comes with these is half as thick and 3/4 of the size.


Nov 26, 2012
(4 out of 5)

Love throwing these bad boys. The board may not be able to stand up to the knives in action, but there are plenty of other things to throw at. Two thumbs up.


Corey Ferrell
Oct 17, 2012
(4 out of 5)

Iv never bought anything like this before hand, so I was surprised to see the knives were very small and I wasn't sure if that is normal or not. The target board's edges are messed up, but I dont care much since ill be putting holes in it anyway.


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