Musashi - 1060 Carbon Steel - Speckled Burgundy Katana w/o Bo-hi
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 Include Sword Gift Bag

  • 27 1/2 hand forged 1060 carbon steel blade
  • Clay tempered to produce a real hamon line
  • Genuine ray skin and cotton cord wrapped handle
  • Full-tang blade is double-pegged to the hardwood handle
  • Includes black cotton storage bag
  • Overall length: 39 3/4"

This model fulfills requests for a Musashi 1060 series katana without the Bo-hi, also known as blood groove or fuller. The blade geometry is heavier than its blood groove equipped counterparts though it may not be as nimble.

Handmade, the blade hamon is formed by the clay temper process during production. The blade is differentially hardened and comes extremely sharp.

Musashi Sword Detail

Art of bamboo, the tsuba, fuchi, both menuki, and kashira are all made up of bamboo artwork. This sword is well balanced and the tight handle wrap feels great. Comes complete with a black cotton storage bag and Musashi retail box.

Materials and Way of Forge:
  • Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method.
  • 1060 carbon steel with clay temper process.
  • 55 HRC blade hardness.
  • Hamon and hardness created with temper process.
  • Real hamon, not wire brushed or printed.
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap.
  • Extremely sharp hand honed edge.
  • Brass tsuba, fuchi, kashira, and habaki.
  • Can be disassembled for care or display.
  • Dual bamboo mekugi (peg), hardwood handle.
  • Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
  • 39 3/4 in. overall, 27 1/2 in. blade, 10 3/4 in. handle.
  • Includes black cotton sword storage/carry bag.

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Great sword, slightly dissatisfied Reviewed by Patrick McManus on Nov 01, 2016   3 out of 5

I ordered this sword just a few days ago, and it came in the mail today.I was so excited for it, but when I got the sword, I noticed the Tsuba is rattling and slightly loose. I do not know what to do with it as of now , but I sadly don't trust it to stay together when I try to swing it.I suppose I will just use it as a display sword. I hope Budk can do something about this.

Beautiful Sword Reviewed by Nathan Cantu on Oct 07, 2016   5 out of 5

I just got this today. I love it. It came sharp. All the fittings are tight, no imperfections and it just feels great holding. It isn't as heavy as I expected it to feel but that isn't anything negative. With a little polish it came out looking amazing. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good sword without wanting to spend a ton of money for. You won't be disappointed.

Amazing blade Reviewed by on Sep 14, 2016   5 out of 5

Ok a small back ground on me , I've been a blacksmith for 30 years and a bladesmith for 20 years . I bought two Musashi katanas from True Swords , for the purpose of destroying them . This being one of them . I am no martial artist, nor do I have any original Japanese Katanas to compare fit of hardware to. So I am going to speak only on durability of this blade . First , I skipped over cutting water jugs or any other soft impact items. I went right for pine 2x2s. This blade passed right through with no deflection of the blade , no chips to the blade or edge roll . Second , I tied 16 pieces of 2" diameter bamboo together and proceeded to hack and chop at them with a total of 30 swings. Again no edge roll or chips to the blade . Third I took the blade and proceeded to beat it through a 12" diameter red oak log with with a 2.5 pound blacksmiths hammer , splitting six pieces from it like you would with an ax . All of this was done right out of the box, no extra sharpening was done . After my tests the only visible damage was caused from the hammer striking the spline of the blade . I then took the blade into the shop and was able to put a razors edge on the blade . In short I could not reproduce this blade for cost it sells for let alone sell a finished katana . Would I recommend the Musashi 1060 steel blade ? My only responce would be Hell Yes I Would ! Respectfully Ryan Kern Whiskey Ditch Forge

Reviewed by Stephen Schroeder on Mar 08, 2016   5 out of 5

Musashi makes nice swords. They are not the top of the line, but neither are they the low end of the spectrum. I have four other swords of theirs and I have been happy with them all. This sword was no exception. :-) I got this one for several reasons. One, it is not black. The brown Tsuka with the speckled brown Saya is a nice change of pace for my sword rack. Secondly, it is my first non-fullered sword. It has a nice heft and cuts very well and still makes a satisfying Tachikaze when swung correctly. All the fittings were solid and tight. The Hamon is beautiful. The pictures here do not do this piece justice. For the price, you cannot go wrong. Catch it on a 20-30% sale and you have a real steal.

Outstanding! Reviewed by Jon DiCerbo on Jan 23, 2016   5 out of 5

Wow! Great sword for not a bad price! Katana fits tightly in the saya,no rattle. Tsuka is wrapped tight,and in the correct way. Hamon is visible and unique. Fittings are solid and well made. Blade is polished well. This is just a great all around stater sword,or beautiful display item.

Very Happy Reviewed by Stephen Schroeder on Jan 19, 2016   5 out of 5

Just received mine this afternoon. I am very happy! Shipping was fast as always. Thank you guys and the Fedex folks. On to the katana…As with Musashi items, it came in the standard company box with the black and red Musashi colors. Inside, the sword was in a standard black sword bag packaged between three Styrofoam spacers and there were five silicate packs to absorb moisture. There was also the standard Musashi Silver Series Certificate which contains all sorts of information about the creation process and even the sword’s name. That was the only portion that was not translated so I will have to rely on a local contact at my favorite restaurant to tell me what it is. Untying the bag and sliding the piece out, I was impressed with the speckled Saya – my first one like this. The product description calls this burgundy, but to my eyes it is a dark brown. Either way I like the look and feel. The Sageo is a dark red with white speckles and makes a nice complimentary look with the brown of the Saya and Ito. The Kojiri is a gloss black as is a small band at the Koiguchi. Drawing the blade out, it was wrapped in plastic as most of my other Musashi katanas have been. Undoing that plastic, you will notice the blade is coated in a protective layer of oil. A careful wipe down, reveled an awesome blade. This is also my first no bo-hi katana. The Hamon was well defined. The Ha was clean and smooth – there were no discernable nicks, smudges, or flaws of any type. The Habaki and Seppa were solid. The Tsuba is beautiful (in my opinion.) All the other Tsuka components were solid and as far as I can tell flawless. Everything is tight and feels good in your hands. Since all my other swords have a Bo-hi, I was under the impression that a blade without one would be difficult to generate a Tachikaze, but not so with this katana. Perhaps all the practice is paying off and I am finally generating a solid cutting path? Either way, this blade made a terrific Tachikaze. It also came extremely sharp! I made a few light cuts and I can say this is the sharpest out of the box katana I have had (I own nine others.) I have never been let down with a Musashi product. I was fortunate to catch this piece on a sale so it was just at $100 including shipping. And guys, I know there are all sorts of higher priced blades that allegedly are of better quality and I am sure many of them are worth the money, but this piece, even at the $110 price is really a good buy. It is solid, sharp and should last you decades with the proper care. Perhaps you even pass it down to future generations? The Musashi 1060 series is a great line and you won’t be disappointed no matter which one (or ones) you get. (P.S. I double-spaced the paragraphs so this would be easier to read, but sometimes it gets posted as a "Wall O'Text". Apologies if that turns out to be the case this time.)

Reviewed by Colt on Jul 24, 2015   5 out of 5

This katana... This Katana... is my Favorite from True Swords, I love how it is made, it is well put together, and pretty sharp (not quite as sharp as i like mine) But it is sharp. I love the design on the tsuba, it is beautiful artwork, as well as the antique finish. I love the clay temper design, it is beautiful also. I am very well pleased with this sword, thank you so much True Swords and Musashi! This is lighter than my other 2 katana, and i quite like that. I love the cotton cord wrap color and feel as well as the speckled burgundy saya. I am immensely pleased with my purchase, thank you again!

Reviewed by Blake on Jun 06, 2015   5 out of 5

Colors are a little ugly but that's just my taste, I liked the looks of the tsuba on the speckled burgundy over the bamboo without bo-hi so I went with it. Very happy with my purchase, beautiful sword, lighter than I expected actually. I also have a Ryumon phoenix but I got this to beat around. The phoenix is quite a bit heavier even with the bi-hi. The blade on this sword is a tiny bit more narrow. Not sure witch one I'd rather have in the zombie apocalypse. Lighter and faster go a long way. Mine arrived razor sharp, easily cuts paper. Shipping was fast, ordered Mon, received Thursday. I will definitely be buying more swords from here. Happy customer.

Reviewed by Michael McKinsey on Mar 02, 2015   5 out of 5

Loose Tsuba, washers on both side of Tsuba are bent out away from Tsuba, flat spot on blade, bamboo pegs through tang are WAY to long...DISPLAY ONLY, worth $50-$75 NOT 109!
Response: Thank you for alerting us with the quality issue with this product. We have contacted the vendor and are performing a quality control check to ensure we do not have any other unacceptable products within this item number. We will also be happy to refund your money or send you a replacement sword if you will contact our customer service department at 800-735-3326.

Reviewed by Fritz Price on Nov 23, 2014   4 out of 5

Hello, So this is my third Musashi. I have only bought the 1060 models, which began at 79 bucks, but now have gone up to 109 bucks. I also own the Ronin. This blade is, in terms of fit and function, the best of the three Musashi's and better than the Ronin which is 300 bucks and heavier and of lesser quality than this speckled burgundy Model without the bo-hi. Now that these are the same prices as the lesser Musashi's (this one has brass fixings and a nicely painted sheath, yeah it's just a sheath nerds). It is much more sturdy than the bo-hi model and succeeded in cutting through a four inch HARDWOOD branch that was still green. I have beaten this on all kinds of things, from two by fours to tatami mats wrapped around broom handles. It has chipped a tiny bit where I hit the dirt with it, to be expected, but for the most part it held up to a level of abuse that I never thought a sword would take. I would say that about my two Bamboo's with bo-hi's as well, I have beaten the crap out of them and they keep on ticking. The bo-hi blades are a bit faster, but this blade is simply heavier and will therefore penetrate a but further. Plus it's the best looking. MY ONLY COMPLAINT: The sword came wrapped in oiled saran wrap and this left a "pattern" of discoloration on the blade, which detracted from it's "collectible" untouched value. This seemed really unnecessary...maybe they were having trouble with the oil on the blades saturating the wooden scabbards. Also for those that think that these blades are cheap because they are made in China, you are so far behind the times in one hilarious way...It was the Chinese who invented this type of blade and many of it's manufacturing techniques way before the Japanese. So it's really a Chinese copy of a Japanese copy of a Chinese blade called a Jian.

1 - 10 of 23 Reviews (View All)