Polypropylene Practice Training Broadsword – 34 in. Overall
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  • High-impact resistant polyproylene
  • Measures: 34" overall length

Practice makes perfect, and our polypropylene training broadsword will put you on the road to mastery of your sword-fighting skills. Whether you're learning to fence or getting ready to play pirate, this broadsword will meet your need. It is constructed of high impact-resistant polypropylene that will take a beating for years without wearing down. It has a realistic look and feel just like a real broadsword, but it provides a safe alternative for the novice.

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.67 out of 5
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Gary Ackley Reviewed by on Nov 16, 2018   3 out of 5

Love how the trainer feels and handles. Have owned it for four months and it has survived some rough training sessions with my buddies. Reason I’m giving it a three out of five is that the product I got, while similar, does not look like the product displayed, which I do not appreciate being lied to like that. As while the shape of the blade is relatively similar, it does not have the same grip, pommel, or handguard that is displayed. It also doesn’t have the same blade design as far as asthetics. I did not realize until I went to leave a review, and again, though the trainer is great, I don’t like to be lied to.

Extremely Sturdy Reviewed by Amy Re on Nov 23, 2016   5 out of 5

I got this a few months ago and I have knocked down dozens of trees with it. It is very strong. With one extremely strong hit against concrete the blade only received a minor dent. The handle is very comfortable too. This sword also has a great weight to it. Over all I couldn't have been happier with this purchase.

Reviewed by Trevor MacDonald on May 19, 2015   5 out of 5

I hate to be the stickler, but this is certainly not a broadsword. If a name is to be given to this sword, call it a scimitar or a martial arts sword. However, the sword does some serious work and is totally worth the purchase! It has great arc in the swings and will not break on you, even if you swing it like a monster!

Reviewed by paul charlier on May 07, 2015   5 out of 5

Great sword, it is very satisfying to hit my friends with. Tough and sturdy sword with great handling, and I'm pretty sure if it hits you hard enough it could knock a tooth out. Also great practice weapon for sparing, and just for fun.

Duel Reviewed by Titus on Mar 05, 2015   5 out of 5

I bought myself 2 of these because I favor 2 weapon fighting. I love them. They are noticeably heavier than my other polypropylene swords, but I have become accustomed to the weight and am better for it. Once you are accustomed to the weight these swords definitely give you an advantage in a sparring match. My partners weapons bounced off of mine leaving them open for a counter. I definitely recommend them to anyone.

Wow, Keep This Sword Coming Reviewed by AL on Nov 10, 2014   5 out of 5

This is a great practice sword for the money. Not perfect balance of a real blade for swinging and stabbing motions, but suffices for practice without having to cut yourself or your training partner. As with all poly practice swords, the handles are too slippery for real swinging motions. I will probably wrap the handles for a more realistic grip. Highly recommend this company for producing affordable well made, well thought out practice swords. I ask if the company can design and produce a similar sword made to size and confirguration of a Chinese Dadao as was used during World War 2 by the Chinese soldiers. The Dadao is a wide chopping clip blade with a slight curve, a long two handed handle, and a large ring pommel. I highly encourage the Master Cutlery manufacturer to produce such a Dadao sword, as there has been a big resurgence in interest in the martial arts of the Dadao. They should be able to sell a lot of these. I know I could sell to many Dadao afficinados here. Thanks for making such a great product at such reasonable affordable prices

sprring mania Reviewed by Joseph on Mar 29, 2013   5 out of 5

I just got this sword the shipping only took 4 days, so great shipping. to begin with this sword is awesome for sparring it has some weight to it the you will need armor to spar. The handle is great also the blade is very sturdy. Overall thanks Budk!

great sword Reviewed by Joseph Mitchell on Sep 20, 2012   5 out of 5

great sword, love how it's light weighted and durable.

good for hardcore training + sparing Reviewed by Kati McGowan on Apr 25, 2012   4 out of 5

This sword is very solid. My only wish is that it didn't scrape so easy. But only when you hit rocks. Its an awesome practice sword.

1 - 9 of 9 Reviews (View All)