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Date Published: 2015-05-27

Check Us Out on Social Media

By Adelia Ladson

If you really want to be in the know on what we’ve got going on over here at True Swords, then you need to go and check out our social media sites.

Find us on Face Book at Face Book and give us a “like” to keep up with great, new products we have; sales you don’t want to miss; and our reminders about our sweepstakes. One of the best things about Face Book is that you are able to ask us questions about products you see, right there on our page, or send us a private message. We have some incredible folks here that are more than happy to answer your questions about our products or about our sales and sweepstakes contests. There’s something new on our page just about every day and we love to have visitors. We also have a talented group here who shoots all of our videos and you can find these on our Face Book page, too.

And speaking of videos, you just have to go to our YouTube channel at YouTube and give us a look-see. We have product videos, demonstration videos and videos just for fun! Actually seeing some of our products in action gives you a fantastic idea of what they are capable of doing, plus, you get a good close-up view of the product from many angles. You will also find opportunities, while you’re there, to let us know what you think and what you wanna see in the future. We’re always open for suggestions because our True Swords channel is pretty new and still growing. You just never know what you might find when you check-in with us but I promise you, you will definitely be entertained.

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