Shinwa - Ninja-to Dragon Wakizashi Sword w/ Damascus
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  • The ultimate Samurai Sidearm
  • 20 1/2" carbon steel Damascus blade with black finish
  • Hardwood handle with black cord wrappings
  • Brass habaki and metal Dragon tsuba
  • Full-tang construction with dual bamboo pegs
  • Matching scabbard with high gloss black finish
  • 31" overall

Also known as a Samurai Sidearm, the wakizashi sword is the medium sized, more tactical brother to the katana sword. At 31 in. overall, the wakizashi is better suited for close quarters use than a katana (including home defense) due to its nimble size.

Our Ninja-to Dragon Wakizashi Sword has been hand crafted by the Shinwa forge. It features a carbon steel Damascus blade with black finish, traditional full tang construction, brass habaki, metal Dragon tsuba (guard) and all metal fittings. The folded blade includes a blood groove, straight ninja style geometry, and comes hand sharpened.

The full tang construction is secured with dual bamboo pegs into the hardwood handle. A matching scabbard with high gloss black finish is included.

Measurements: 20 1/2 in. blade, 31 in. overall.

Want to build the perfect daisho sword set? Pair this wakizashi with its katana companion: Shinwa Black Damascus Katana.

hand forging samurai sword blades process

About Shinwa:

Shinwa swords are made by hand using traditional methods in the ancient sword-making township of Lonquan. The sword-making history of this town can be traced back to the twentieth year of the Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty ­ exceptional sword making continues there still today. The swordsmiths of Lonquan can apprentice for up to six years before they begin to forge these functional works of art on their own.

Each Shinwa sword is hand forged at temperatures of up to 1,100 °F and continuously heated, folded, hammered and shaped before being oil quenched and then straightened. Damascus steel blades are folded as many as ten times to yield up to 2,056 layers of premium Damascus steel. After quenching the blade is then ground and hand sharpened and polished by the swordsmith on a series of wet stones. Each set of these wet stones contains a finer level of silicate particles, which produces an even sharper edge. In the final stages of this painstaking process, the tsuka is wrapped and tsuba and other fittings are added before a thin coat of oil is added to the blade to prevent corrosion.

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Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 5.00 out of 5

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Can I rate my Shinwa a "6?" Reviewed by on Apr 27, 2016   5 out of 5

This is beyond what I wished for when I was a teen! When I was a active MA practitioner, I dreamt of one day having the 1000's of $ needed to commission a ninjato with a Damascus blade. What was beyond me was the idea that a black Damascus blade with incredible workmanship my Shinwa blade has and the dragon tsuba is great touch. Michionne would be jealous ??

Outstanding Quality Reviewed by Gary "Mick" Lazer on Jan 31, 2016   5 out of 5

When I received mine, the first thing I noticed was the care in packing the sword. Double boxed and suspended in the 2nd box. The sword was of amazing quality and the scabbard was flawless black lacquer. A substantial feel to the sword, I knew that I was handling a work of art. To say the least, I am happy with the sword and still cannot believe what I paid for it! :)

Reviewed by Lord Notakatana on Feb 15, 2015   5 out of 5

This is the first item I've bought from TrueSwords, I was quite impressed by the folding pattern in the steal and the level of craftsmanship that went into this. However it could have been sharper, I tried water bottles, and later I even ran my finger across it without even a cut. (I found it actually made a better stabbing weapon), but if you know what you're doing a dull blade is an easy fix. other than that its fine, very sturdy construction, dose not rattle at all, however if its going to be a "ninja" sword I'd take a note from Musashi and leave out the fuller. Nice looking sword, solid construction, could be sharper, Ill probably use it for ninja costumes

Reviewed by Michael Percha on Dec 11, 2014   5 out of 5

Hey, first review! Normally I don't like to write a review so soon after I receive an order. I like to get to know the blade first, use it for a while, see what it's capable of and how far I can push its limits. There were a few minor issues with this blade, though, that I'm curious about. The blade itself is beautiful, the black Damascus steel is gorgeous, and it came relatively sharp. However, there was a waxy residue build up over the entire blade when I drew it from the saya. Simply wiping it down with a cloth did not remove it. It certainly took some elbow grease. Every time I sheathe the blade, though, and draw it again, there is more of that waxy substance. I don't know if it's a protective agent or what, but I find it just a little annoying to have to clean the blade every time I draw it. Secondly, at one point as I returned the blade to the saya, the habaki caught the inside of the saya, causing a sizable splinter of wood to become lodged between it and the blood groove. It has done nothing to the structural integrity of any piece of equipment, but for a sword originally listed for $150.00, even when on sale, one would think these problems shouldn't be an issue. Overall, I enjoy the sword very much. It's light, sized as a wakazashi, and I have discovered that I prefer smaller, lighter blades, so this is right up my alley. I've sharpened it to a more keen edge, and it feels nice and solid in my hands. A more complimentary extension of my body, if you will.

1 - 4 of 4 Products