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Musha - Sharp Damascus Steel Katana Sword 4096 Layers

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Only $189.99

This stunning layered blade demands attention!

Hand folded and carefully shaped, no two swords are exactly the same. Over 4000 layers ripple across the sharp, hand honed blade. Very attractive and well balanced, we can't stop admiring this sword. The photos do not do the blade justice!

We are especially drawn to the unique layer patterns within the blood groove.

Featuring all copper tsuba and fittings with a custom oxidized antique finish. Well suited to be the center of your katana collection, this sword comes ready for cutting use right our of the box. Shown below, this is a full tang sword with signature and dual bamboo peg construction.

Damascus Katana Tang

Product Specification:
  • Extremely sharp hand honed layered carbon steel blade.
  • Full tang, fully functional, and "battle ready."
  • Absolutely stunning workmanship and attention to detail.
  • Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method.
  • 55 HRC blade hardness.
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap.
  • Oxidized copper tsuba, fuchi, and kashira.
  • Completely handmade samurai sword.
  • Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
  • 28 in. edge, 10 1/2 in. handle., 40 1/8 in. overall.
  • Includes hardwood storage box, sword bag, and cleaning kit!
  • Current stock does not include the envelope or certificate which is shown in the image below.
Damascus Katana Tang


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     Reviewed by Awesome on Jul 31, 2015

The quality was great and it got hear within 4 days definitely recommend the sword for the money

     Reviewed by Ammon Dollarhide on Jun 22, 2015

I have had this sword for four days now and i am very pleased. This is a very nice sword for the price, it arrived in a timely manor (five days) The blade is sturdy, the grip is very tight. A complaint i had was the blade seemed to be stained or looked "dirty" some steel wool got rid of most of it but it is hardly noticeable and didn't take away from the quality of the sword. The edge is not razor sharp but it can cut. about five minutes with a wet stone made it extremely sharp. the saya (sheath or scabbard) is tight and when held upside down the sword does not fall out, but it is also not difficult to pull out yourself. the blade flexes and has not bent for me yet. i would recommend this sword to anyone who wants a functional and beautiful piece.

     Reviewed by Mark Halsey on Jun 11, 2015

Just received my Musha Sharp Damascus. Payed for three day shipping but it took four days (UPS blew scheduled delivery date); received undamaged. Comes in a nice light wooden box covered in tasteful black silk with embroidered red flower and vine motif. Katana shows very good overall workmanship and is quite attractive. The damascus pattern is subtle and you need good light at the correct angle to really appreciate it. Blade was true, with very nice medium low polish and had no significant blemishes. Koshirae is very nice and shows good attention to detail. Compared to my Musashi Best katana it feels heavier and not as quick. Tsuka is a little shorter than the Best and I would prefer it a little longer especially with the extra weight. Had a good sharp edge that can cut paper if you use good technique; once again it did not come quite as sharp as my Musashi Best. Hang tag that came with the katana states it is made from 1045 carbon. I knew it wasn't going to have as hard an edge from the 55 HRC rating shown at the True Sword web site. Blade has mono-hardness with no hamon. I was able to make many nice clean cuts on a single water-filled milk jug. However I had trouble with a hard plastic Planter's peanut bottle. In fact, it slightly dented the edge (might have been a result of less than perfect technique). This cleaned up very quickly with a Smith fine diamond hand hone. One thing I find disturbing is that the hang tag refers to the Musha line as for "the budget minded" but in "the same spirit as our Musashi line". This sword cost almost twice as much as my Musashi Best! I was under the impression Musha was just a name change from Musashi, not a "budget" line. Overall I'd probably buy again because of the excellent esthetics and because I think it will be a fine cutting sword on less hard material.

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