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Heavy Duty Kukri - 1075 High Carbon Ghurka Design

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This heavy duty kukri machete sports a 1075 high carbon steel blade with black epoxy powder coating. The classic Ghurka design is well represented by this modern production fighting knife. The full tang construction and tough blade make this kukri a chopping and slicing machine.

Features include a Walnut handle with a lanyard hole. 12 3/4 in. blade, 18 1/4 in. overall.

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     Reviewed by Sarah Riggs on Jul 01, 2014

I ordered this kukri for chopping down small trees because I live in a forest and the trees like to grow all over the place. When I got it, I was so impressed. This is by far the best kukri I have ever held. The handle is beautiful and the blade came razed sharp. When I was taking the wrapping of the blade I got a deep gash in my hand so be careful. This kukri will chop down 1 inch thick willow trees in one hack. I am also loving the sheath. It is real leather and very thick. It also has a "swivel belt loop" witch is great. If you go to it will tell you more about that. I have no complaints at all about this knife. Best knife I own. Especially for the price. You can't go wrong with this knife

     Reviewed by Patrick Mahoney on May 16, 2014

Not a lot I say about this kukri besides it's perfect.
The picture doesn't show you but it actually has a 3rd brass peg behind the slot for a cord on the handle so it's better than the picture.
It's nice and thick metal and came very sharp. The brand is "Condor" for those who want to know. The scabbard is easy to get the knife in and out of and the 2 snap button straps work well and hold it in nicely. Couldn't be more satisfied. True Swords has this on their site for a good reason!

     Reviewed by Aaron Usery on Dec 19, 2013

Alright, let's get down to business:
The kukri arrived a day earlier than I expected it to, and it was extremely well packaged. Kudos to TS for that.
I was immediately surprised by how large the box of the actual knife was. The knife itself is slightly longer than my forearm from the tip of my middle finger to the crook of my elbow. It also feels exceptionally sturdy. I must also point out that it is not exactly like the one in the photo. The one in the photo has only two brass rivets and the lanyard hole. The actual machete has three brass rivets and is completely full tang. The scabbard -yes, scabbard, because I feel that it is far too big to justify using the term sheath.- is probably the best made safety cover I can say I have ever seen on a bladed tool. According to my best estimate, the actual leather that makes up the whole of this scabbard is about one eighth of an inch thick, and combined in this scabbard are no less than three of these thick pieces. Stamped on the scabbard as well as the blade of this machete is the seal of Condor. It comes with a razors edge, and the back of the blade is a full eighth of an inch thick. I tried to tear off the paper a bit too quickly and got a half inch long gash in my finger as a result. I am trying to type this without bleeding all over the keyboard because the local urgent-care is closed and I can't get stitches yet. So much for haste. I think that this is the single most beastly monster of a workhorse you will ever find here on true-swords. And I can confidently say that you will be very satisfied with your purchase.
5/5 stars

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