Whether you’re looking for your next everyday pocket knife or a new fixed blade knife,’s high-quality selection of knives is sure to have just what you need.

91 Results
91 Results
51255 USA Tactical Black OTF Automatic Knife And Belt Sheath - 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade, Carbon Fiber Handle, Pocket Clip USD 0.0 1 TrueSwords Pocket Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 59.99
47685 Viper-Tec Knuckle OTF Pocket Knife - Two-Toned Stainless Steel Blade, Black Metal Alloy Handle, Pocket Clip - Length 9” USD 0.0 2 TrueSwords Pocket Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 89.99
16631 Gil Hibben "Expendables" Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath USD 0.0 3 Expendables Film And Video Game Swords Fantasy Swords Swords CL3 Category L3 null 119.99
16445 Kissing Crane Mother Of Pearl Stiletto Pocket Knife USD 0.0 4 Kissing Crane Pocket Knives Knives CL1 Category null 29.99
50276 Bushmaster® Mamba OTF Knife - Stainless Blade, TPU Handle, Slide Trigger USD 0.0 5 Bushmaster Pocket Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 39.99
21850 V42 Stiletto Dagger - Military Knife USD 0.0 6 BUDK Fixed Blade Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 26.99
38015 Combat Commander Trench Knife - Brass Knuckle USD 0.0 7 Combat Commander Fixed Blade Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 46.99
47510 M48 Tsunami Dagger With Vortec Sheath - 2Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade, Injection-Molded Nylon Fiber Handle - Length 12 1/4” USD 20.01 8 M48 Fixed Blade Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 49.98
46529 Combat Cleaver Trench Knife and Sheath - Fire Kissed 1095 Carbon Steel Blade, Brass Knuckle Guard Handle, Distressed Finish - Length 15” USD 11.01 9 BUDK Fixed Blade Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 43.98
51045 Honshu Legionary Dagger - 7Cr13 SS Blade, Steel Guard - 19 5/8" USD 0.0 10 Honshu Gladius Swords Historical Swords Swords CL1 Category L1 null 79.99
39661 Shadow Warrior Assisted Opening Pocket Knife | DamascTec Steel Blade | Black And Gold USD 6.01 11 BUDK Pocket Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 6.98
47205 Rainbow Butterfly Knife - Stainless Steel Blade, Skeletonized Handle, Latch Lock, Steel Handle, Double Flippers - Length 9” USD 0.0 12 TrueSwords Butterfly Knives Knives CL1 Category L1 null 19.99


  • What does full-tang mean?
    The tang of a knife is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. A full-tang knife has the handle pieces or scales attached to each side of the tang to form the handle of the knife. In contrast, a half-tang knife has a tang that only extends halfway into the handle.
  • Where did the butterfly knife come from?
    Also known as a balisong, the butterfly knife got its start in the Philippines as a self-defense and utility pocket knife. It gained popularity in the United States when soldiers returned from the Philippines after W.W.II.
  • Why do I need a knife sharpener?
    A knife will serve you well for many years if you keep it properly sharpened. Also, a blunt or dull knife requires more pressure to use, which opens the door to it slipping and causing injury. What you want is a sharpener system that offers a couple of different grit options. The grit is the size of the particles in the stone, which affects the finish on your blade – a finer grit giving you a finer finish.
  • What does “feed your blade” mean?
    It means that to maintain your knife, you should coat it with a clear, non-organic oil to prevent moisture from reaching the blade, when storing. A light oil like gun oil works perfectly but it should be changed regularly by wiping the blade clean with a soft cloth until dry and applying more.