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Ninja Star ninja swords True Swords Ninja supplies. Stealth warrior weapons of choice from the streets of Bangkok to the urban jungle we all live in. Essential Ninja equipment, Flying Blades, Nunchuka, Ninja Swords, and more in both traditional and modern styles.
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Black Ronin Tactical Tomahawk - Throw Chop Spike

Thrasher Twin Sword Set w/ Handle Spikes & Sheath

Titanium Ninja-to Double Edge Full Tang Sword

Metal Kung Fu Ninja Fighting Fan - Dragon & Yin Yang - Red

Throwing Axe - 11in Tri-Point Sure Shot Thrower - Black

Close Quarters Battle Short Sword w/ Gut Hook

Black Ronin Etched Throwing Knives 3pc Set

Ninja Uniform - Tabi Boots - Size 11

Elite Ninja Assault Spikes

Wes Hibben - Cloak Throwing Knives 3pc Set - Small

Dragon Throwing Knives - Stainless Steel Bolts - 3pc Set

Skull Sai Set - Hex Sided Shaft - Chrome

Kunai Orbital Throwing Knives w/ Leg Sheath - 6pc Set

Belt Knife - Self Defense Hidden Blade Belt

Dark Skeleton Sai Set w/ Bones & Cord Wrapped Handles
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