Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath
  • Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath
  • Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath
  • Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath

Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath


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  • Hefty 12" stainless steel blade
  • Heavy duty pakkawood handle
  • Stainless steel guard
  • Includes premium leather sheath
  • Overall length: 17 1/2"

Another beauty from acclaimed knife designer Gil Hibben, the Combat Machete Knife is a true masterpiece that belongs in your collection. You'll forget you're using a knife when you hack, slice and chop with the hefty 12" stainless steel machete-style blade! A stainless steel guard protects your fingers from slippage to the blade, and the handle is crafted of heavy duty pakkawood. The knife is 17 1/2" long overall, and a top grain leather sheath completes the package.

17 GH5008

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Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.42 out of 5
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Customer Reviews

Thomas J.
Jan 05, 2020
(5 out of 5)
Good to look at..

This is a crazy cool looking knife or machete. I absolutely love the style and shape of this thing. That being said it is about the worst machete I have ever owned. The tang of the blade comes down to a small point and is welded to a piece of all-thread and a nut holds the base on. That all-thread is soft stuff and bends super easy. Do not plan on actually using this as a functional woods knife or machete.


Jun 24, 2019
(5 out of 5)
Quality product

Very satisfied with this knife and I have been collecting for years. Heavy duty constructions. I have large hands and the handle fits me. May be hard to handle for small hands due to the weight of the knife. It does come with a retainer strap and the sheath is quality with a leg strap.


David Lagor
Apr 12, 2019
(4 out of 5)
Love it

5 star blade and handle. 5 star sheath. The only thing was I had to file/sand edges of tang/hand guard. To sharp of an edge it’s not sharp enough to cut you it just irritating and you can’t unnotice it. Easy fix needed a bit more R & D Mr.Hibbens. Lol


Roddy Dryer
Mar 10, 2017
(5 out of 5)
I still love the thing

I once reviewed this knife about four years ago (the review is still there). I still have the same one I bought. Since I bought it, I've put it through some tough work, which was what I wanted it for. Guys, I can still shave the hair on my arms with it, yet it hacks into just about anything I do with it. When I need something to pair with the chainsaw for clearing and downing trees, I have this knife there. It's been four years and I still turn to this knife when I need something of this heft. It is simply fantastic.


Harley Vadnais
Jul 12, 2014
(4 out of 5)
a good buy

Although this Knife is on the pricey side I would recommend it. I am a Huge fan of most of Hibbens designs. This is a great looking weapon it is not too heavy for carry, its leather sheath is high quality. The ONLY issue I have had with it is, It is TOO nice looking, yeah thats right I all but cringed the first few times I used it to cut through brush and or tree, it Cleans up well, comes back to edge with minimal work. It is far superior to the other Hibben IV that is a bit cheaper, (and not worth the savings)


Feb 03, 2014
(2 out of 5)
stunt doubles

I bought this and hibben Alaska survival knife as lower priced stunt doubles for muela Sherpa machete and lancero knife both hibben models closly resemble the muela knives. does any see the pattern here.the combat machete is brittle junk.alaska knife is very durable for made in china.have sent machete to united once for warranty replacement they honor lifetime warranty.would not want to abuse my expensive muela knives with what I have done to these,practice makes perfect.


Stan Oczkowski
Sep 23, 2013
(1 out of 5)
pretty but not useful

well this one lasted a little longer than the timber rattler outlaw bowie but no cigar after a short trip into the forest to gather wood for our campfire the blade has a dent in it, not a good tool, my woodsman pal is soupier.


Joe K
Mar 11, 2013
(5 out of 5)
meat cleaver on steriods

This knife is designed like a heavy duty meat cleaver on steroids. It is sturdy knife with a wide, heavy bade that is long and sharp the entire length. I chopped down to shards a chunk of 12X12 block and it diced it up all most effortlessly. It didn't dull it at all. It seemed like the knife got sharper. The knife is made of tough steel. I will probably be using it to make quick work of some of my tree trimming this spring see how id does on live wood and on anything else I want to hack down ease.


Mar 06, 2013
(5 out of 5)
My Favorite Knife

I have been accumulating quite a knife/sword collection over the years, and I have knives for different applications. I have to say, this Hibben IV Machete Knife is my favorite. The quality is superb. The design is excellent. The size is intimidating. The blade thickness is something not to mess with. The sheer weight of this knife will cut/crush thru anything. The handle is solid and strong enough to hold the weight of the massive blade. The handle also feels great in the hand and the guards are an awesome addition to the handle and I feel safe that my hand won't ride up onto the blade. The sheath is huge with thick classic leather and the blade slides in/out easy as butter. I have nothing but great things to say about this knife. Like I said, it is my favorite. Everyone I show are like, "Whoa!". Let me put it to you this way, when you have this knife in your hand, you feel equivalent to when a caveman just made a big kill on a hunt and he sees his family feasting off his kill and knows they will be fat for the next couple of days..........Yea, boost your testosterone, get this knife.


Roddy J Dryer
Feb 23, 2013
(5 out of 5)
Hibben Combat Machete is a Hit

It's intriguing to come across this knife, as I have been hoping for something like it well before I saw it. I wanted the size and heft of a machete or large knife while having the handling and feel of a Bowie, but i wanted something getting away from the typical clip point. The average clip point or even drop point distracts from the forward heft, limiting the knife. Kudos to Mr. Hibben for having the foresight to create something like this. It shows confidence and he certainly deserves to possess that. Now, the jury is still out on how this knife (and particularly the sheath) hold up over time. This knife will be used heavily at times and this is just what I imagined would be the perfect fit. It's just that time will tell on the sheath. I believe the knife itself looks strong and I am not one to brutalize a knife with no purpose, but the sheath feels a bit fragile for something on the way to work. Overall, I am very happy I purchased this knife. This is my third Hibben, but far from my last.


Jan 28, 2012
(5 out of 5)
Gil Hibben Machete

This is hands-down one of the coolest blades I've ever owned. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a machete of the highest quality. Be warned: it is incredibly sharp, so be careful.


Oct 09, 2010
(4 out of 5)
Initially I was impressed, but....

Initially after receiving this bold and aggressively designed "rejected" knife by Sly Stallone for "Rambo" for being "too nice" considering how Rambo had to make one overnight and for it to be this beautiful beast, would be unpractical (unpractical, unrealistic, these are oxymorons in a "Rambo" picture). But that's not what irked me. My anal retentiveness for attention to detail raised a red flag when marveling and admiring the craftsmanship Hibben invested into the bad boy, revealed at the hilt:"CHINA" yes, I'm sorry for being the wet blanket! It was an overpriced "Chinese Product". And I'm also part Chinese! But that aside, This is a must have for Hibben, Bowie,and oversized edged instruments collectors. Although, I might have to advise getting it for much less than 89.99. I was lucky or unlucky to get it @80.99.


Jul 12, 2010
(5 out of 5)
Beautiful Machete

This is a fantastic machete to add to a collection. It really is impressive. I have this and Hibben's Alaska Survival Knife...both are stunners. Some have experienced breakage with use, this is due to the stainless steel, rather than Hibben's design. If you are needing a machete for hard use, go with carbon steel. Stainless tends to be a bit brittle.


Clay Vollers
Jul 06, 2010
(3 out of 5)
Talks the talk...

As everyone has said "WOW", this is and awesome looking and feeling knife. Mine had perfect assembly and finish. However, as one other reviewer said, "it broke". The first time I used it to clear some brush I saw removing a 1" Peacan sapling from a trail and before I realized anything was wrong several half-moon shaped 1" wide pieces of the blade were missing. Best used for impressing your friends and cutting grass or light vines.


Jonathan Han
Jul 01, 2010
(5 out of 5)
Over all great

I have owned two of these(i had to get another 1 when my first one broke) and the only thing that i noticed that was that the first one was that the handle is kinda full tang but it's got a bar welded to it instead of it being one solid peace of 440. the grain is nice heavy enough to cut if just dropped by the weight of it. i got to say even though i already ran through 1 this is a very nice blade and for any machete lover this is one u should get


Carol Steinbach
Mar 17, 2010
(5 out of 5)
If there are machetes in heaven....

I don't know what words to use to describe the awesomeness of this incredible machete! All I can say is the photos cannot prepare you for the moment you open the box! IT'S GIGANTIC! IT'S VERY WELL MADE! IT'S HEAVY! IT'S LEATHER SHEATH IS BEAUTIFUL! When people say it brings a smile to your face to hold it....they REALLY MEAN IT! EVERY person I show it to has the same response: their mouth drops open, their eyes bug out, they say "WOW!" then they smile ear to ear! I don't usually write reviews but this blade deserves a standing ovation lol...WELL DONE GIL HIBBEN!


Dec 18, 2009
(5 out of 5)

I love blades, so my paps got me this master piece for Christmas last year. Amazing blade! The wooden handle fits just perfect in the hand. It has some weight to it (what i really like). Its sharp, solid and makes you feel ready for battle (LOL). Its worth every cent! A must have! My paps, brother and me are heading for a camping trip up to Washington and guess what is going to be my sidekick! My last words have to be ... I LOVE THIS BLADE!!! Editor's Note: Thank you for your comments. We have updated the review to reflect the appropriate spelling.


Nov 27, 2009
(5 out of 5)
Need a smile?

If you need something to put a smile on your face, this is it. Come home, slide this monster out of the sheath, and feel the strength of the steel you wield in your hand. This is my 1st Hibben product and it is beautiful. One neg.:the sheath's strap is too short to button.


Matthew Davis
Aug 02, 2009
(5 out of 5)
Gil Hibben IS the master

I love this blade, well balanced, takes an edge beautifully, easy to clean and an absolute delight to carry on your hip. The samurai curve to the blade helps to slice through anything without getting stuck. I love the similar appearance to the Rambo III Bowie (another favorite in my collection). Hibben IS the master.


Jerry Tisdale
Jun 12, 2009
(3 out of 5)
Fit & Finish

I have every knife that Gil Hibben has commercially released through Bud K or Smokey Mt Knife Works (practical/Alaskan Series etc) and most annual fantasy releases starting from about 1990. I got this Machete primarily to go with my original RAMBO III Bowie as they make a nice set. The factory /inspector(s) dropped the ball on this release and wound up making the sheaths backwards so the HIBBEN LOGO is on the back side of the sheath. The cross guard on my knife was not soldered straight, making the guard look like it is off at an angle.(actually it is). Visually unappealing although not a problem for knife performance. United Cutlery and Bud K needs to do a better job of inspecting more samples or the GIL HIBBEN wont mean the quality it always has.I have been a Bud K customer since 1990.__Tis


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Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Knife with Leather Sheath
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