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Date Published: 2015-02-25

How To Hunt With A Spear

Straight off the bat, the spear has been man’s best friend for centuries! Well, maybe the spear and man’s canine companion. However, man has used the spear for as long as half a million years. Earliest usage of the spear can be traced to hafting (attaching points to spears) weapons out of rock, bone, stone, etc. Hafted spears helped the early man put food on the table and survive, making it an indispensable tool that is still wildly popular to this day. Making a spear was pretty straightforward, and it continues to be a very easy, effective form of weaponry even in this modern age. The spear helped early man in hunting and adapting to his environment. In fact, the spear has largely remained the same as the centuries have rolled by, with variation of materials like steel to replace the stone tip and a variety of handle materials and combinations with contemporary, tactical approaches. Spear design styles vary depending on origin, time period and intended function, ranging from hunting to weaponry. Despite having the largest armory of hunting firearms ever, firing a shotgun at game doesn’t really ring your bell like a good, old-fashioned throw of a spear! Anyone can squeeze a trigger to shoot at a target, but using a spear requires a certain level of dexterity and uncommon skill. Some seasoned spear hunters argue that new-age technology has led to a rise in “boring, lazy, gun-wielding” hunters. Ammunition can run out, the gun could jam or just fail, etc., but spears don’t run out of ammo or jam up! Spear hunting is an enjoyable experience when you have the right weapon choice. Lucky for you, True Swords is your destination for top-quality spears in a variety of sizes and broad spectrum of applications.

Boar Hog Hunting A boar hog slain with a spear.
Boar Hog Hunting A boar hog slain with a spear.

Modern Hunting

Hunting has always been embedded deep in our DNA as we inherited this primal urge from our hunter ancestors. With the onset of civilization and the modern conveniences that eventually followed suit, spear hunting for food took a back seat. Modern spear hunters absolutely love the craft as it requires timing, precision, impeccable predator instincts and mastery of throwing skills. Just like any other form of hunting, using the proper tool is paramount. Light handheld spears are great for achieving speed and penetrative power towards prey. Such spears can be easily thrown as they are lightweight, making it easy to gain momentum faster and reach your prey at a longer distance. This type of spear is ideal for smaller prey that don’t require as much force to take down. The drop spear is a heavier tool that is designed to take down larger prey, often from about six feet away. It provides the hunter with power and strength, usually used for hunting large game and dependent on the strength of the hunter. Usually a wide cutting blade or tip provides the strength to take down larger prey such as buffalo, hogs, and deer. A good example of this type of spear is the powerful Cold Steel Boar Spear or our Anti-Personnel Tactical Riot Spear. The fine art of spear hunting requires you to delve into a primitive mindset of predatory instinct. Spear hunting provides the hunter with a close proximity to the prey and a hands-on kill. A good hunter studies his prey and understands its habitat, feeding patterns and behavior.

Spear Fishing An aborigine throwing a spear.
Spear Fishing An aborigine throwing a spear.

Spear Fishing

Spear Fishing provides an exciting and thrilling hunting experience that beats modern-day, passive bait fishing. And, you don’t ever have to worry about running out of worms, crickets or lures! It’s a great way to get back to basics and experience nature in an engaging and energy-intensive way. Spear fishing provides you with the fascinating experience of hunting for food and obtaining it completely independently. The skills of a great fisherman lie in practice, tactics and the right equipment. Refraction can cause quite a number of misses especially for amateurs, so careful selection of the spear and water source is vital. Calm, clear and shallow waters are best for fishing, and sharp hand-held spears with harpoons go a long way toward achieving success when spear fishing. True Swords has a range of razor-sharp spears that are great for spear fishing. Now that you’ve got the nitty-gritty on spear fishing, take a look at our impressive selection of top-quality spears at True Swords. We’ve got something for everybody and something to suit your individual approach to spear hunting. Get down and dirty, and experience the thrill of spear hunting today!

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