Honshu Boshin Katana - Modern Tactical Samurai / Ninja Sword - Hand Forged 1060 Carbon Steel - Full Tang, Fully Functional, Battle Ready - Black TPR, Steel Guard, Pommel, Lanyard Hole - Full Tang
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  • 21st century katana - legendary Japanese sword variety updated with sleek contemporary style and bold tactical appointments
  • 30 3/8" full tang 1060 high carbon steel blade 1060 high carbon steel blade designed for serious, real-world use and the rigors of modern combat
  • Retains sharp edge even after slicing cleanly through a cinder block or other punishing cutting challenges
  • Rugged TPR handle - clean, functional design; textured no-slip grip; ergonomic contours boost comfort, reduce fatigue
  • Offset elliptical guard and angled pommel with lanyard hole for tethering; both satin-finished stainless steel
  • Tough wooden saya beautifully complements sword; accented with black leather sageo
  • Overall length: 40 3/4" - the quintessential full-sized Japanese sword

Distinctly modern sword with an ancient soul Boshin retains legendary katana sharpness, adds state-of-the-art upgrades
The Boshin Katana epitomizes Honshu's celebrated knack for fusing tradition and innovation into masterworks of modern sword design and engineering. True to the legendary Japanese katana’s roots, the Boshin boasts a 30 3/8” full-tang blade that is simply unrivaled in sharpness and durability. Swordsmiths and scholars have long deemed the storied katana the sharpest weapon on the planet, and, fittingly, no edge on any sword, anywhere can contend with the shear cutting and cleaving clout of the Boshin’s impossibly sharp 1060 high carbon steel blade. It can literally slice through a cinder block like a hot knife through butter, suffering nary a scratch or fissure. But take one look at the Boshin and it immediately becomes clear – this is no ordinary Katana.

More "black ops" than "black tie" Boshin sheds elegant samurai robes, dons tactical duds tailored to today's warrior
Trading traditional trappings and garb for chic contemporary style and cutting-edge appointments, the innovative Boshin is undeniably a weapon for the modern era. Advanced textured TPR rubber shrouds the tsuka for an ergonomic no-slip grip you just can’t get from conventional ray skin and cord. The tsuka is crowned with an oversized polished steel kashira with handy lanyard hole, and the tsuba snubs fanciful ornamentation in favor of a pragmatic asymmetrical pointed ellipse design. Deep blood grooves extend along the sleek, gleaming blade from the base of the tsuba to the outset of the boshi, the blade’s placid terminal curve that culminates with the stinging kissaki, or point.

"Saya" love it Sleek, tastefully clean scabbard furthers contemporary vibe
A tough black wooden saya, or scabbard, secures the razor-sharp blade. In keeping with the Boshin’s clean, functional aesthetic motif, the satiny smooth saya is largely unembellished, save the handsome black genuine leather sageo. Even among far more expensive swords, United Cutlery’s remarkably affordable Honshu Boshin Katana is sure to become the cherished focal point of your collection, admired and coveted by all who lay eyes on it.

Zen and the art of swordcraft Wielding the Boshin is nothing short of surreal
With its fierce cutting potency and sublime feel, wielding this carbon steel masterpiece is almost Zen-like and beyond description; you just have to experience it for yourself! Truly a must-have for longtime Japanese katana aficionados, beginning sword fanciers and everyone in between.

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A very different katana Reviewed by on Mar 02, 2019   5 out of 5

This blade has much more weight due to the pommel but it is well balanced. I can wield it with one hand but I train regularly so it might be a bit unwieldy for a beginner. I love this katana. The style and balance are excellent and it is a bit of an update on the traditional katana. I actually ordered this katana and the wakizashi and I am very happy with both.

Honshu boshin katana Reviewed by Corey Burns on Feb 27, 2019   5 out of 5

Swords has good weight and feel to it sharp edge also but when it was delivered it was missing a screw in the handle a blade badly bowed

Great value Reviewed by Troy Verbitskey on Feb 05, 2019   5 out of 5

Got my swords and their awesome and they seem pretty sturdy and well made I own a couple different types of swords and I like these the best. Now I need them to make a tanto.

Honshu Katana Reviewed by Frank McKenney on Dec 07, 2018   5 out of 5

I was so impressed with this sword that I just purchased the Samurai version to go with it. It's certainly a unique weapon and performance is worthy of battle ready! I only wish Honshu would make a tanto version to complete the set.

trailerpark ninja Reviewed by on Sep 03, 2018   5 out of 5

i love it cut down sum trees out of the box, needs a proper edge put on it, but 4 119 its a steel. this is the budget zombie apocolypse sword complete with sthe perfect blood groove and beautiful scabbard

Honshu Boshin Katana Reviewed by Clifton Gray on Aug 06, 2018   5 out of 5

An unbelevable work of art. Very well made and balanced. After several years in Japan this is the first Katana I was willing to own. Most American made Katanas are made to hang on a wall not use as a working weapon. This is a weapon I will put my trust in.

Reviewed by on Aug 02, 2018   5 out of 5

Thus far , thus good ! My blades arrived in good order and weren't bent ! Both the Katana and the Short Sword look like they'll be able to do the work when needed. Nothing rattled and both felt tight and solid when making cuts in the air . Good show ! Gregg. 5 stars here so far !

Polishing swords! Reviewed by on Jun 18, 2018   5 out of 5

Just a shout out about keeping the oxidation off your blades! I have found over the years of maintaining my blades, that two of the best products to use is the great old standby Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound and Turtle Wax Polishing Compound. The polishing compound will leave a very moisture resistant coating that last quite a while. I've also learned thru the years why butchers use a "Butchers Steel" to keep their blade at it's best. They all work for me, but I'm sure most collectors have a preferred MO!

Love it! Reviewed by Roger Link on Mar 17, 2018   5 out of 5

I just got this on Friday after work, this sword is beautiful. The weight is quite nice, and feels strong in the hand. I would reccomend this to anyone who want form as well as function. I love this piece, a great addition to my collection.

A Cut Above Many Katana Reviewed by on Mar 07, 2018   5 out of 5

Lots of swords on the market today (especially at this price range) are made with aesthetics, rather than performance, in mind. Honshu went in the exact opposite direction with this katana, and that’s why I love it. It has a forward weighted design that lends itself well to slashing forms, but also retains enough mass in the tsuka for an effective counterbalance. This is in no small part do to the “kashira” style pommel, which makes for a affective blunt force weapon itself. The blade edge is extremely sharp out of the box, and is easy to maintain with a fine grit whetstone and honing steel. My only gripe is that the minimalist style of the tsuba makes it all but impossible to perform an “unlocking” gesture with your thumb. That’s a very small grievance for an excellent sword. I highly recommend picking up this katana, and the matching wakizashi and tanto as well.

1 - 10 of 18 Reviews (View All)