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  • What is the difference between a bow and a crossbow?
    The obvious difference is that a crossbow has a firing mechanism. Built like a rifle with a stock and a trigger, the bow string is pulled back along the stock and held, under tension with a spring, until the trigger is pulled to release it. A crossbow has a higher draw weight than a traditional bow because the distance the string has to travel from full draw to rest is much shorter.
  • What does draw weight mean?
    This is the maximum amount of force needed to draw the string back on a bow to a standard length of 28” and it’s measured in pounds. For a crossbow, it’s the force needed to pull the string back into the cocked position.
  • Can you shoot the same arrows that you shoot with a traditional bow?
    No. You must use crossbow bolts, which are shorter and thicker than arrows and are specifically designed to be shot from a crossbow.
  • How do you use a stringer?
    Slide one looped end of the crossbow string onto the tip of a limb of the crossbow, making sure that it is securely attached. Attach each end of the stringer to each limb of the crossbow at the tip and then, cock the crossbow by pulling the stringer into the cocked position. The actual crossbow string, however, should remain hanging free below the limbs. Insert the loose end of the crossbow string through the loop on the corresponding end of the stringer, then slide the loose end onto the tip of the limb, making sure it’s secure. The crossbow string and the stringer should both be firmly attached to both limbs. Finally, un-cock the crossbow manually or by firing a bolt and the stringer should come off of one of the limbs easily. You will need to use a little more force to remove the other stringer end from its limb, as it will now be held down securely by the crossbow string.
  • Can you use a crossbow for hunting?
    Yes, absolutely. Depending on the size of the crossbow and draw weight, small animals or larger game animals can be taken down. In a majority of states, crossbows can be used during archery season. There are also quite a few states that will either allow you to hunt in all seasons or just the entire deer season.