Date Published: 2015-12-04

Five Funny Cosplay Fails

Cosplay Fail
Cosplay Fail
By Adelia Ladson
There’s good cosplay and there’s bad cosplay. When it’s done correctly, dressing in costume to pay tribute to a favorite fictional character can be really cool. I’ve seen some incredible costumes out there that definitely deserve awards for authenticity and creativity. However, there really are a lot of folks who just throw something on and call it cosplay. Then, there are others who take it dead seriously but have completely underestimated the difficulty of actually pulling it off.

Holy Bad Costume Batman

Here is a montage of, what I would call, questionable Batman costumes or just questionable representations of the Dark Knight, in general. There’s not a superhero inside of all of us. Really, there’s not!

Stormtrooper versus Stairs

Ouch! Painful to watch! Okay, folks, the costume is not the problem. It really looks good! It’s just the Force was working against him – the Force of Gravity that is.

My Little Pony Whaaaat?

Yeah, uh, yeah! Not really sure what to think about these. I guess I’ve just been completely unaware of the whole My Little Pony group of folks out there. Sorry if you’re one of them but it’s just creepy!

Cosplay Fall

When your cosplay partner tries to get rid of you in front of a live audience. Yeah, maybe they didn't think their choreography through based on the size of the stage or maybe one of them was just a little overzealous in their part.

Worst Star Wars Costume Ever

Now, that’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are. You think it looked completely different in his head? Poor guy just took on something that was beyond his capability but give him props for giving it a try anyway.

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