Date Published: 2015-04-25

A Katana is the Best Weapon Against a Vampire

By Adelia Ladson

I read a blog the other day that took a strong stance that whatever "The Walking Dead" may portray, a katana is not the best weapon against zombies. So, it got me thinking, "What monster is the best target for a katana?" Hmmmm…..maybe….VAMPIRES!
Vampires are highly intelligent, super fast and incredibly strong. Not to mention their preternatural vision, hearing and sense of smell. They are definitely a dangerous and fierce opponent but they do have their weaknesses which balance the scale. As everyone knows, they are susceptible to sunlight, Holy water, a stake through the heart, and (here's the most important) separating their head from their body – decapitation.

This is where the katana comes in. A weapon traditionally used by Japanese samurai, it has a razor-sharp curved, single-edged blade just made for combat because it is light and easy to wield quickly. Speed is what you are looking for when battling the undead. You need a weapon that you can count on to sweep through one vampire cleanly, so that you are on to the next one without missing a beat. Now some folks might think a crossbow is better but a katana will never jam on you and you don't have to worry about running out of ammunition. Think about it.
In fact, the katana, has gotten the seal of approval, so to speak, from vampires themselves when you look at how many vampires have met their end at the hand of one of their own using this type of sword. It is the weapon of choice of fierce warrior vampires like Blade of the "Blade Trilogy" and Saya of "Blood: The Last Vampire", who both deal out death to vampires in lightening quick strokes. I mean, surely, if a vampire knows a katana is an awesome weapon to off bloodsuckers with, then it has to be!

The best katana blades are made of high carbon steel or Damascus steel to assure they have a lethally sharp edge that can take a vampire's head off in one powerful stroke. But, if like me, you feel you might not quite have the strenght to accomplish such a powerful stroke, there is another option. Think Bokken, which is basically a wooden katana.
Ultimately, the most popular way to get rid of a pesky nosferatu is to just go ahead and stake it! With the bokken, you have the best of both worlds – a lightweight katana that can be used for striking blows but with the added benefit of being the perfect wooden implement to stake the sucker with. I may not be able to strike off a vampire assailant's head but I'm pretty sure I can stab him through the heart with my trusty bokken.
Whether you choose a traditional katana or a bokken, rest assured those vampires will know you mean business.

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