sample contents from mystery sword items We recently performed warehouse inventory and ended up with close to 1,000 random swords that we don't have enough of to assign their own location in the warehouse. So, instead of taking all of these swords and splitting them up , assigning pricing and taking photos and such – which would be a lot of work for us – we decided to put them all in one giant box and sell them all at the same price. You'll receive mystery swords that range in value from $40 to as much as $200 each. From stainless steel blades to 1045 carbon and everything in between. We're talking medieval swords, ninja swords, samurai swords, movie replicas, handmade swords and a ton more. Our loss is your gain on this one so grab these up before their all gone. The sword selection is random, so you can't specify what kind you would like, our pickers are just grabbing what's on top in this box at the time of purchase. You won't receive two of the same sword unless we're down to only a few items remaining. Hurry, this deal is sure to sell out FAST!!!