Date Published: 2016-04-05

The Top Functional Swords of 2016

By Adelia Ladson

We’re excited here about our selection of new swords that have been coming in for 2016. There are so many incredible swords from katanas and wakizashis to cosplay and medieval swords. Here, at True Swords, we are constantly looking for the highest quality and performance level that you can get on the market so that we can offer you the cream of the crop in swords. Among our newest swords that have arrived in our warehouse are some truly note-worthy functional swords. These swords feature sharp blades that are made of prime steel and have superior crafted handles to wield them with. Here are our top functional swords for 2016.

The Combat Commander Thai Gladius Sword is absolutely combat ready. Now, this is a sword with a really strong personality and profile. It features a 1065 carbon steel blade with a black, hard-coating finish, which makes it practically impervious. When you hold this sword in your hand, you will find the grip to be comfortable and completely slip-free. The Thai Gladius is definitely a sword to be reckoned with.

The Combat Commander Thai Nagi Sword also features a sharp and ready 1065 carbon steel blade with a black, hard-coating finish. The defining difference between it and the Thai Gladius is the upswept profile of the blade. It’s really an incredible and powerful slicing weapon. It has the secure and comfortable grip which is a must for any functional sword. The sleek, modern design of this sword makes it a tactical dream weapon.

The Honshu Sleek War Sword is an exceptional functional sword in our Honshu line, which continues to be one of our most popular brands. The no-nonsense blade is made of 1065 manganese steel, also with a hard, black coating, and is good and sharp. The TPR injection handle is textured for that slip-free grip you absolutely need and its as sturdy as they come. The Honshu War Sword is built for hard use and up to any challenge.

The Honshu Bosin Wakizashi Sword is a modern take on a traditional katana that any sword aficionado is sure to appreciate. It features a sleek and sharp 1060 high carbon steel blade with a beautiful satin finish. Just as with the others, you are getting a grip that is sturdy and beyond compare. To add to the katana-style look and feel, a wooden scabbard houses the blade.

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