Which "The Lord of the Rings" Weapon Should You Carry?

Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings
By Adelia Ladson
There are some seriously incredible weapons in "The Lord of the Rings." Each of the weapons exactly fits the character who wields it. However, there are three weapons that seem to be the most popular for people to get. So, which weapon is right for you? Take our quiz below to see if you should carry Bilbo Baggins' Sting, Aragorn's Anduril or Gandalf the Wizard's Staff.

Sting Anduril Gandalf Staff
Bilbo Baggins' Sting Aragorn's Anduril The Staff of the Wizard Gandalf
Bilbo Baggins' Sting
Bilbo Baggins' Sting
Aragorn's Anduril
Gandalf Staff
The Staff of the Wizard Gandalf

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