Baton - Tactical Force - 20" Automatic Extendable Police Baton


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  • 3 section steel baton
  • Extends with the push of a button
  • Designed to be operated by adults only for self-defense purposes
  • Includes leather sheath
  • 20" overall
  • 6 1/2"closed

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Criminals are evolving meaner and more devious than ever before. Therefore, protecting the safety of your surroundings should be a priority. Designed to be operated by adults only for self-defense purposes. This 3 section steel baton extends with the push of a button. Includes leather sheath. 20" overall, 6 1/2"closed

07 BK6553

Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.08 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Steven D
Aug 09, 2019
(2 out of 5)
Not terrible but not great

I'll start with the advantages: The rapid extension from the tension spring is impressive. It makes a very intimidating sound when it extends and the locking action is very solid. The baton also had a decent amount of heft to it. This baton is very difficult to damage and you can really feel just how much force you get from each swing. Now the disadvantages: The handle has these grips that are supposed to fit between your fingers. Unfortunately this means you can only hold the baton a certain way. The grip rubber is also VERY stiff. It feels like a steering wheel on an old car. Couple that with the sai guard that angles downward close by your knuckles as well as the oversized release lever that takes up the entire length of the handle(Meaning you have to wrap your hand over both the lever and handle) and the whole thing becomes very cumbersome to hold onto. The lever itself has also has a bit of a rough edge to it so it can cut your hand if your palm slips. It actually hurts your hand to wield this thing. It's even worse if you actually hit something with it. The handle is just too bulky, ridgid and unforgiving. My final thoughts are that this could be a terrific defense tool if the handle and lever were changed. Those are the only things that hider this item. Unfortunately, they hinder it in a big way.


Dec 04, 2018
(5 out of 5)
trailerpark ninja

impressed i had a hellof a time retracting it i hold the button with my feet and place board on top hit with hammer dun, oh and im buying another 2 i love them maybe string 2 2gether to make a flexible staff or long chucks best buy


Tina Buyuan
Apr 27, 2018
(5 out of 5)
This is Not Just For Guys Anymore!

It has a good weight and for a girl I could retract it back closed on my 1st. try. I like this baton very much so I feel pretty safe knowing I can fight off an attacker if need too.


Ryan Savage
Sep 20, 2014
(4 out of 5)

I Love Mine ,Ordered 2 For A Weapon Making Project, At First It Was Pretty Hard To Get Them To Retract, With Some Practice I Found Out How To Get Them Closed Pretty Quick, I Like How They Are Balanced And Light Weight. Im Thinking Making Some Adjustments To Were I Can Connect Them Into A Bow Staff.


Andrew Johnson
Aug 01, 2014
(4 out of 5)

4/5 Baseball bat power in your pocket.
Pros: Best Baton you can buy. Will go through anything without a problem. Can disarm knife attacks very simply. Basically it's a 20in titanium junior baseball bat with finesse, that you can wear rather than a knife and absolutely destroy anything or one. 8in long when collapsed (feels smaller and can be concealed with permit of course, easily).

Cons: KEEP IN POUCH AT ALL TIMES. The spring is extremely tight and can easily break an arm, put an eye back into the skull, or through it. Seriously it shoots out like a jet. Handle takes a little getting used to.

A Pro/Con --_ Hard as living hell to fold back in. So don't worry about it going back into the hilt on you, but don't expect to put it back in easily.

This is without a doubt one the best batons I've ever owned. I actually have two (one for practice, one on me). The ONLY problem with this baton is that once, it is out, even oiled it will take a hard slam to go back in while holding the release lock.

This is actually great though. I can thrust full force without it retracting. And if you want wondering how strong it is considering it is an extending baton, well its strong enough to break cinder blocks / trashcans / etc without a dent or bend in it. This baton is viscous. It will do what you need it to do and be as shiny and dent free as it was out of the box.

I generally don't but I decided to give this credit, so I wrote this review (the only one I believe I have written on here) strictly to congratulate and encourage you to try this before a knife, and not be afraid of it's cheap price tag. Nothing about this baton is cheap.

The handle can easily disarm blade thrusts from an attacker. And lets be real here, if someone has a knife on you, which is more intimating/would rather have? When that baton snaps out, generally that ends the would be mugger right there (of course however if he is 15m+ away with a pistol drawn then well get a gun).

Best buy I've ever made on this site. Twice.


Mar 25, 2014
(5 out of 5)
Automatic baton : Not for girls

The automatic baton is not for girls and if you can not figure out how to make it retract(?) try youtube(?) And let's be honest......Do you want a defense weapon to collapse while you a fending off an attacker? I DO NOT! And why would you. So I give this 5 stars, for doing exactly what it should be a stealthy and a solid form of protection. (retract it later, OR WORK OUT MORE ?) While I have some issues with knives that are advertised as sharp and are not so much.


Joey Ferguson
Sep 03, 2012
(5 out of 5)

This baton is brutal. Just holding it in your hand makes you feel tough, and that sound it makes when it extends is very intimidating. The holster was a little hard to figure out, but once I realized the trigger went in to the hole at the top it all worked out. All in all this is an amazing weapon.


Dec 02, 2011
(1 out of 5)
impossible to retract. You need a hammer

Impossible to retract. You need a hammer. I'm strong, but I can't!


cynthia garcia
Mar 13, 2011
(5 out of 5)

Very good i bought it for my son he is 18 he loved it but one big problem We were walking our dog he brought it with us. He had it in the holster and when the police had drove by they saw it. They stopped us and gave him a felaney and they said its ilegal to own one. Also we live in sa Texas.


Steven Knierim
Aug 18, 2009
(5 out of 5)

This is the coolest extendable baton I have ever had. Be careful with the automatic extending tough. You can hurt someone just by pushing the button. The spring in this baton is very powerful.


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